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BVM Contracting is committed to transparency within the residential building industry, and giving people the opportunity to be as knowledgeable as possible about what they are getting into when they decide to do interior renovations or when building a home addition. BVM Contracting also wants to show people the many different technologies and ideas that are available for your home. We also like to let you see how BVM Contracting operates, and the progression of our second story additions and interior home renovations!

What better way to bring a collection of thoughts together than in our company blog! In our blog you can learn, laugh, and most importantly become inspired to turn your dreams into a reality.

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Tree Protection Zones

Have you ever seen a fence surrounding a tree when construction is taking place on a property? If you have, you noticed a tree protection zone (TPZ), and they are needed on construction sites that have trees on the property. Homeowners that are doing a substantial...

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BVM Contracting’s Industrial Unit

BVM Contracting is proud to announce that we have secured an industrial unit located on Barbados Blvd. in Scarborough. The unit is 1500 square feet, comes with a bathroom and an office, and will be able to accommodate our growth plans into 2017. Below are some...

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Laminated Vaneer Lumber (LVL)

  Laminated Vaneer Lumber (LVL) is a form of engineered lumber that is used in homes. If you ever wanted to make your main floor open concept by removing load bearing walls, this is likely the product that was put in place of the load-bearing wall to do so. An...

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Rain Barrels

During the winter while I was in Singapore on academic exchange, knowing that I would be living back in Toronto for the summer, I made a list of some sustainable initiatives I wanted to introduce into my life. This included brewing my own beer, gardening vegetables...

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The Smart Home

The Smart Home and The Internet of Things – BVM Contracting is a company that believes in innovation for your home and we want to make sure that you can make your home as efficient as you want it to be.

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BVM Contracting – New Member of BILD GTA

BVM Contracting Joins BILD® As of April 27th, 2015, BVM Contracting has been accepted as a new member of the 1,400-plus member strong Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD).We saw the need to join after the endless horror stories about other...

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Flipping Homes

More and more people are now seeing the opportunity in flipping homes.  With today’s low interest rates who wouldn’t take a leap of faith and try out this type of investment.  Before you dive in though it is always good to be as knowledgeable as possible...

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Cool Finished Basement Ideas

Guest Post By Tim Smith – Modernize.com Dreaming of finishing your basement, but still on the hunt for inspiration to design your own space? Your basement is one part of your home in which you can truly leave a personal stamp and let your creativity take hold. We've...

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Eastwood Avenue Progess – Demolition

With demolition completed, framing is underway and should be finished in a few days.  Hope you have enjoyed the video of what once was!  From here on in, the home addition and extension will take on a new dimension for the homeowners-who will be happy to...

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New Project – 118 Eastwood Avenue

Our next project has begun! Our clients are very excited to be adding a second story onto their existing bungalow in Scarborough.  To create more living space for their family, an extension at the rear of the house will be added as well. For the project,...

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