H.E.L.P. - Toronto's new home energy loan program.

The City of Toronto has just launched their Home Energy Loan Program (HELP).  For phase I, they have made this program available to specific neighbourhoods.

If you reside in a neighbourhood with the first three digits listed below, you are eligible to apply for the Home Energy Loan Program.

Toronto/Riverdale/Beaches:  M4E, M4L M4M, M4J, M1N, M4C, M4K, M5A

Junction/High Park:  M6P, M6S

South Scarborough:  M1M, M1E, M1C, M1L, M1K, M4B

Black Creek:  M3N

For more information, visit their website and click onto HOME ENERGY LOAN PROGRAM


Colleen Meagher, Office Manager, BVM Contracting - Home Addition and Home Renovation Contractor.

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