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Your Home and The Internet of  Things

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last twenty years, it has been difficult not to see the changing consumer landscape and how technology is evidently spearheading this attack.  In your house this realization might already be seen in every room; the smart TV in your living room, the surround sound audio system in your basement, the energy star appliances in your kitchen, and even the laundry room that can detect the best time to run your loads of laundry.  It is an amazing time to be a consumer and better yet a homeowner.

This topic can go even further into a newer type of technology that is set to become a trillion dollar industry, which is called The Internet of Things (IoT for short).  This technology is something that cannot be seen directly, but has the ability to connect devices to the internet, which has many important consumer applications.  Some of these applications will soon be found in households, and as a matter of fact already are.

A great example of this technology is smart locks, which are locks for your house that can be opened by the use of your phone or an app.  This technology is growing in popularity as people become more connected to wireless communication.  Smart locks give you the opportunity to make keys a thing of the past, and did I mention that these systems are as safe as a normal deadbolt?  As good as this sounds, this technology comes with a cost, but if you want efficiency in your entrance practices, smart locks are certainly the way to go [1].

Another example of technology is Smart Home Technology, which has the capability to connect devices in your home to you.  If you have ever had a worry about leaving the lights on or if you wanted to turn the thermostat up before you came home, this technology can help put your mind at ease and make your life more efficient.  Any device in your home that uses electricity can be hooked up through wireless communication to send you notifications, or can be altered by you to fit your needs.  Common applications of this technology have been in security, thermostats, and lighting, which can all be installed into your home at a reasonable price.  No longer is this type of technology just for the wealthy, which is exciting for the future of households and the people occupying them [2].  To give some context, you can buy a smart thermostat for around three hundred dollars, which is cheap when you think about the money that you could save on your energy bills [3].

The future of households looks bright, but that is something we already knew.  BVM Contracting is a company that believes in innovation for your home and we want to make sure that you know you can make your home as efficient as you want it to be.  It is one thing for your home to be smart, but to make the most informed decisions for your home, you also have to be.  BVM can help you in making the right decisions for your household, and assist you in your journey to a smarter home.

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