The Hidden Truths of Reality TV Renovations.

Many have seen popular shows on HGTV that deal with renovations such as Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, Leave it to Bryan, and Income Property.  These shows are very informative about what to look for in a good contractor and how a renovation should ultimately be done, but the problem is that too much is hidden from viewers and taint the expectations of licensed renovators and contractors.

The first thing hidden from viewers is the overall process taken to renovate a home.  This is not necessarily the show’s fault as most of them only have a thirty minute window to fit in a total makeover of a house, but fitting so much content into one show leads people to believe that a renovation takes a very short amount of time.  Renovations, no matter how big or small, take time if they are to be done correctly.  There is a process that needs to be followed and unfortunately many have not been informed.  A great example of a show that tainted the expectations of renovators and contractors was Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  This American-based show renovated houses in a week, but this was done with a crew of hundreds of people; that is just not the case when normal renovations are done.

Another problem with some of these shows is the false expectation of budgets for the renovations.  Most shows do not disclose the amount of money needed to renovate, which leaves people wondering how much it would cost to accomplish their own project.  But there are renovation shows that disclose the cost to renovate and this is where a big problem lies.  Most times this budget is not realistic for the jobs that are done, and it leaves people who have a competency in the field of renovations scratching their heads.  An example of a show that presents very unrealistic numbers for renovations is Love It or List It.  Any contractor or renovator would laugh at the numbers they throw at uninformed viewers.  For example, on a typical show much like Love It or List It they would give a price like $40 000 for a complete renovation of a main floor or $7 500 to renovate a bathroom.  The problem is these number may not include things like labour costs, which regularly takes up a large amount of a budget.  What do you expect? People to do work for free? Everything costs money and that is the bottom line.

A very informative article on the topic of the false view of renovating created by reality television is explained by Money Sense’s Sarah Efron.  She goes into detail about the both the flawed time and money expectations that are a result of reality television, her link is posted below.  Other interesting websites found during the research of this article are also included below.

The truth is that in order to be well-informed about how much it will cost you to renovate your house, you have to do your own research and know that not everything you see on TV translates into  real-life.  Renovations are stressful no matter how well they are done but BVM Contracting can help you along your renovation journey and make the transition as smooth as possible!

Ryan Meagher, Guest Blogger, BVM Contracting - Home Addition and Home Renovation Contractor.

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