Making the decision to renovate your home is one of the most challenging and stressful decisions anyone can make. Do we renovate? Or… Do we sell? Decisions of this magnitude cannot be taken lightly to say the least, and as we learned this was one of many decisions to be made along the way. Deciding to renovate in hindsight was fairly simple for our family. With an existing home in an area we love, the decision was made for us – now came the hard part. What do we do? How do we do it? Where do we begin? I have a saying; sometimes you simply don’t know what you don’t know! This is why choosing a contractor you trust becomes the critical decision in the process.

A simple walk in our neighborhood some 4 years ago proved to be the turning point in this renovation journey. As is the case in most neighborhoods, renovations are becoming more and more the norm. One night I came across a house clearly under renovation, and we figured an email to the company on the front of this demolished house couldn’t hurt. This is where our renovation story starts. This is when we met Vince, Colleen and BVM Contracting. A few months later after meeting Vince we are “walking” the house under renovation with Vince he showed us the various steps in the process. From our first interaction we knew this was our contractor. Of course we were diligent and met with other companies, but our decision was a very easy one.

Fast forward a year and a half contracts are being signed, and decisions are being made.

BVM took us through the entire process – from the design, demolition and the creation of our dream home. Vince and his team, industry contacts and the subsequent retail establishments recommended to us were all spectacular, professional, and respectful of our wants and needs for our home. Vince walked us through the process, explained what was happening and what the next steps were. He answered our many, many questions, and gave us guidance along the way. You hear many stories about renovations being an awful experience, but you rarely hear stories about renovations being a good experience. This was certainly a good experience. We asked our 8 year old daughter what she thought about the renovation, and her answer was “Vince was nice, and he did a good job. I love my bedroom”. Vince and his team became part of our daily lives, and to be honest we’ll miss having them around.

We quite simply could not have asked for a more well executed, on time, on budget renovation. I am tremendously thankful that we reached out to Vince and Colleen some 4 years ago. People ask us all the time if we would recommend Vince – the answer of course is always a resounding yes.

Scott, Jeannine and Ciara – Toronto

Home Addition & Complete Renovation

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