I am a 70 year senior living with a 94 year old mother.

We just had a bathroom renovation completed in our family home.  Our home is 57 years old, so during the renovation we still needed to have use of the only bathroom.  Vince and his crew made this possible and kept me updated as to the progress all along the way.

We had Vince do other work here as well, namely a new kitchen floor and some handrails, for safety, on our stairway to the second floor.

Vince himself is a very fine man and easy to communicate with, his crew are also great guys and very professional.  As they completed their days work, they cleaned up any mess and left us knowing what time they would return and what to expect on the next work day. Anytime I expressed a concern or wanted something done differently, Vince obliged without hesitation.  The job was completed in a very timely fashion and without a problem.

I would not hesitate in recommending BVM Contracting to a friend or anyone needing professional renovation work done in their home.

I want to add a personal comment to Vince’s wife, Colleen. Colleen, although we never met, we did have much communication via phone and email.  Teamwork is the secret to any successful business, and I recognize you as the person behind the scene that helps make BVM the success it is.

Thanks again for a job well done!

R. Thorpe – Toronto

Bathroom Renovation

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