Custom Home Renovation

Everyone dreams of owning a home that they have had a hand in designing.  Instead of buying a newly built custom home that isn’t to your taste, you may want to consider taking your current home and building it into the house of your dreams.

Remember there was something that made you buy the home you live in?  Maybe it was the neighbourhood, nearby schools, or a place of worship. Wouldn’t it make sense to stay where you are happy and build onto that happiness with a new home that speaks of you and your specific needs?

Keeping the existing footprint of your home and expanding (upwards or outwards or both), you now have the wherewithal to begin designing your own Custom Home.

BVM Contracting can help you in building your dream into a reality.

  • BVM will recommend one of the many Architects/Designers at our disposal
  • A survey of your property is required for the Architect/Designer
  • Start a wish list of the things you will want your new home to contain
  • Review wish list with Architect/Designer and ourselves to evaluate if your home will have everything you have envisioned
  • Preliminary drawings are received from the Architect/Designer, and BVM will provide you with an itemized cost estimate for the project
  • When preliminary drawings are approved, the Architect/Designer will produce a final set of blueprints for issuance to the City for building permits
  • Once permits are in hand, the process begins

The process begins with the demolition of your home, but the original footprint will be kept.  If your design asks for it, footings and foundation will be installed.  This is followed by the framing of the home, and the framing is what makes your new home take on a personality all its own.  The roofing and window installations are the next order of business so that the interior workings will be protected.  While interior rough-ins (i.e.: plumbing, electrical and HVAC) are in progress, the exterior finishes will be completed.

At every stage of the process, we will be there for you to provide the information you need to choose the right products and finishes that make your home truly yours.

Vince Meagher, President, BVM Contracting - Home Addition and Home Renovation Contractor.

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Vince Meagher

President, BVM Contracting Very active within the community and with family. Vince is the owner of BVM Contracting, a very successful Home Addition and Home Renovation company in Toronto with 25+ years experience.