Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is named after its ruby glowing paint colour, which happens to be the birthstone of its owner (Vince Meagher). The reason for adding Tuesday to the name is two-fold; it completes the name of one of the Rolling Stones’ best songs, and Monday is not Vinny’s (or many other people’s) favourite day!

Big Bertha

Big Bertha is the name of our Ford Transit, which is our work truck that you may see zipping around the east-end of Toronto on a daily basis. Big Bertha is synonymous with an unusually large example of a class of object, which we believe sums up our Ford Transit perfectly. Not only is Big Bertha a massive object, it plays a massive role in BVM Contracting’s operations, acting as the mobile work station that helps us complete jobs safely and effectively.

Angus (A.K.A. Gus)

The name of this vehicle depends on who you ask, some call him Larry (because it is a Ford F-250 Lariat edition) but we decided on the good old Scottish name of Angus. The reason? The meaning of Angus translates to superior strength, which is suitable for the strongest truck in our fleet (both visually and physically). Also, how many people do you know named Angus, let alone trucks. Case and point.

Betty White

Strong, cunning, and durable, Betty White is a household name that interestingly enough has been translated into the name of the 2015 Ford F-150 in our fleet. Inspired by the truck’s white paint colour, and the transferable traits listed above to Betty White, the name fit very well and was accepted by all BVM employees. We are just waiting to hear back from Betty herself to give us the thumbs up for using her name!