The Home Addition Process

Preparation is Key to Insure the Completion of a Successful Home Addition

Many people are unaware of all of the small tasks that should be completed in order to find the right partner for your renovation, but luckily BVM Contracting is here to help. Everyone deserves to be knowledgeable with such a large investment. Knowledge is a key ingredient for ensuring that you make an informed decision, and will guarantee that you will not be having nightmares about the renovation of your home.

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Get The Most From Your Investment

With an investment of this size, you will want to make an informed decision about which company you choose to partner with in order to realize your dream home. BVM Contracting is committed to superior quality and results while building your vision and creating your reality!

Not all General Contractors in Toronto are created equal

Choosing the right partner for your home addition or home renovation project is key to its success. At BVM Contracting, we deal with our clients honestly and expertly, utilizing our many years of experience in building home additions and home renovations in the Toronto area. We will help you to make the right decisions and ensure the success of your project.

We provide superior project management and general contracting services, specializing in custom home additions and home renovations in Toronto neighborhoods. With access to our trusted architectural and design partners, we are able to match your project with the appropriate company to handle all of your design and permit requirements.

Make an Informed Decision

If you think it is a daunting task to renovate, you are not alone! We are here to help you make an informed decision in choosing the right partner for your home addition project. When you are searching for your general contractor, you have to ask the right questions so you are confident you have partnered with the right company. Every contractor in Toronto is required to be licensed with the City of Toronto, so ask them for their license number, which can be verified through the City of Toronto website. The next step is to ask them if they have WSIB insurance, and if they do, they will be able to provide you with their clearance certificate.

All reliable general contractors will carry liability insurance (up to 2 million for residential work) and will be able to provide you with a certificate of insurance from their insurer. Written contracts should also be presented outlining the exact scope of work that is included in the overall project. You will also want to select a company that will provide you with a written warranty. Lastly, requesting three references for similar work the contractor has completed in the past is always a failsafe way to evaluate their competency for your type of project.

Consequences Ahead

When making an informed decision about your home addition, there are many things to consider. With a host of contractors operating in the city without the proper licenses and insurance, they are able to provide you, the homeowner, with a cheaper price to complete a home addition project. Cut-rate pricing and requests for cash payments, these general contractors lack accountability. They will not provide you with a written contract and without this document, you have nothing tangible to hold them responsible for their actions. General contractors who function without WSIB or liability insurance expose you to significant risk. They have no way of reimbursing you for any damages to your property during construction. What is worse, should an injury occur to the contractor or their workers, you are exposed to significant liability if the contractor is not suitably covered.

If your contractor files bankruptcy while working on your home and does not have the proper liability insurance, you may become liable for unpaid suppliers and employee’s wages. If your contractor fails to pay his subcontractors, they may file a lien against your property for compensation. Your house is your most valuable asset, so do not make these mistakes when looking for a general contractor. You will receive quality workmanship backed by a warranty when you hire a general contractor with all the necessary credentials. At BVM Contracting we don’t just build houses we also build trust, which is a founding principle for the operation of our company.

Get The Most From Your Investment

You have completed your research and you are ready to renovate, but you do not know where you should begin this enormous task. If you take the proper steps to ensure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed, in the end you will end up with the outcome you envisioned!

  • Create a “wish list”
  • Secure funding
  • Initial meeting(s) with home addition or home renovation contractors
  • Referral of an architect from the contractor you choose or use your own
  • Meet with the architect to review your wish list
  • Plans are created for permit submission
  • Permits are issued (structural, plumbing and HVAC), and electricians pull their own permits
  • The general contractor will finalize pricing based upon permit drawings

With permit drawings in hand and your general contractor selected, you are well on your way to achieving your dream. When you want to come home to quality, BVM Contracting is the general contractor you can count on!

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