Laminated Vaneer Lumber (LVL)

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Laminated Vaneer Lumber (LVL) is a form of engineered lumber that is used in homes. If you ever wanted to make your main floor open concept by removing load bearing walls, this is likely the product that was put in place of the load-bearing wall to do so. An LVL is essentially many thin layers of wood glued together with an adhesive, and is straighter and stronger than conventional wood products. This is why an LVL is used mainly for structural applications in a home.


All of this sounds pretty fascinating, but I was not able to picture this piece of lumber’s application until I completed a job where we used one to get rid of a load bearing wall in a home. This is likely the same predicament that you have when trying to think of the process as well, and that is why I took the liberty of making a video to show you how it is completed.

Below is the video of the BVM Contracting crew completing an LVL installation job at one of our home addition projects. Essentially, they had to open up holes in the wall in order to create what is called a beam pocket, which is the place in the wall where a beam or engineered piece of wood is placed to support the weight of the home. For added strength, the BVM Contracting Crew sistered (side-by-side) LVL’s together in order to make sure the load of the home could be supported, which is specified in the permit drawings of the home renovation or home addition. With all of this in your head, sit back, relax and enjoy the video:

As you could see, I only caught them at the beginning of the installation, so only two LVL’s were installed during that time. Fast forward to the day after though, and you can see the final product (which is shown below):

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