There are a multitude of different and on trend exterior home finishes available

Popular Home Exterior Finishes

The exterior finish is what gives your home it’s curb appeal, you might want to compare the exterior finish of a home to jewellery!  Most homes have one exterior finish, but nowadays, with all the new construction going on, you can sometimes see up to three or more finishes on one home.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular finishes out there today!

Exterior siding by James Hardy siding

JAMES HARDIE SIDING is more expensive than vinyl siding and less expensive than brick or stucco, but the product has more than one thing going for it.  The siding is a cement board that has Colour Plus Technology™.  This means that multiple coats of colour are applied to the cement board, and between coats of colour, they cure the finish for a stronger bond.  This product is also UV resistant, which prevents fading of the colour.  Not only does the colour last, but the product itself may save you money in house insurance as it is considered a non combustible material.  This was one of the three finishes used at the Monarch Park project.

MAIBEC SIDING is quite similar to the look of Hardie Board, but it is made from genuine wood that is resistant to the elements.  The kiln dried wood is available in rough or brushed finished which is then factory stained with two coats of low volatile organic compound (low VOC’s) stain.  Maibec backs up its product with a pretty hefty warranty (50 years) against wood decay.

Exterior siding by Maibec Siding
Very popular stone exterior finish

STONE is a very appealing exterior for many people and it is available in a manufactured stone veneer, natural stone veneer or even in faux stone siding panels.  The product is popular because of it’s light weight design and lower material costs.  Most people tend to use the stone on the bottom third of the home with a EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system) on the balance or sides of the home.  We finished a few of our projects that exact way.

An exterior finished in the very popular stone finish
A home finished in EFIS exterior home finish

EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) Sometimes referred to as Stucco (or the cousin of), it is actually a polystyrene board affixed to the home which then has a base coat applied with a fibre mesh.  The final step in the system is the finish coat which is applied over the base coat and is durable and crack resistant.  You can choose from a wide array of architectural enhancements, such as quoins to dress up the finish of your EIFS exterior.

These are just a sampling of finishes available to choose from. No matter what finish you choose for your home’s exterior, just make sure that it will endure your lifetime!

Vince Meagher, President, BVM Contracting - Home Addition and Home Renovation Contractor.

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