Becoming environmentally responsible with construction alternatives

A More Energy Efficient Home

Many industries are embracing a new and important evolution in how they operate. A company can no longer care just about their profits, they have to assess themselves using the triple bottom line. The triple bottom line measures a company’s economic value by evaluating their financial stability, but also takes into consideration the company’s environmental and social responsibility. Many people know why financial sustainability is important for a company, but less emphasis has been put on the other two pillars.

Social responsibility is the practice of dealing with people and operations inside and outside of the company in a positive way. Environmental responsibility is generally defined as what your company does to reduce its environmental footprint. It is no secret that the way our society operates has taken a toll on the environment, and is the reason why almost every large corporation is now conforming to this new practice. Even companies like Coca-Cola and Microsoft are making efforts to reduce their impact on the environment, which shows how important being an environmentally responsible company is to consumers. If large corporations can do their part, small companies can integrate a greener way of conducting business as well.

At BVM Contracting, one of our main initiatives that will be introduced within the next few years is to do our part in reducing the company’s environmental footprint, and simultaneously introduce this initiative to our clients. Being green can start with things as simple as switching light bulbs from traditional to LED, or making your floors environmentally friendly. There is no question that making your home more energy efficient will cost more upfront, but it is safe to say that if you do it right, your return on investment will save you money in the future. These cost savings will come in the form of lower utility bills and will also give you the peace of mind that you are helping to reduce your impact on the environment.

BVM Contracting is here to help you with making your home more energy efficient during your renovation and can ensure that the project is completed to your satisfaction.  For more information about renovating your home to be energy efficient, please visit the following website of Natural Resources Canada.

Tyler Meagher, Project Manager, BVM Contracting - Home Addition and Home Renovation Contractor.

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